A Day in Paris

View from the Hotel balcony

My friend, Abby, and I arrived in Paris at 9pm local time after traveling from Orlando to Copenhagen and then with a 5-hour layover before our flight to Paris. After getting to our hotel room around midnight and grabbing a quick crepe we got some sleep. The next morning, we met up with Charlotte who was to be our tour guide and who we became quick friends with. I had met Charlotte through a friend at work, Katy, who had just started and upon hearing that I was going to Paris immediately offered to ask her good friend Charlotte to show us around the city. I am always amazed at the generosity of people and am so thankful to both Katy and Charlotte for being the wonderful people they are.



Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower, obviously. The weather was wonderful so the view was unbelievable.

Eiffel Tower



Next up was the Arc de Triomphe. To get to the middle of the round-a-bout where it was located we had to go through a tunnel so we didn’t get run over by all the traffic.


Charlotte insisted that we visit the Abercrombie & Fitch in Paris which turned out to be outlandishly opulent…and the perfect place for an OOTD.



Just a quick walk down the road was the Louvre. Unfortunately since we only had a day we didn’t have time to go in but it was still worth it to see the magnificent architecture of the pyramid and the buildings surrounding it.


We took a quick pit stop at Charlottes apartment for a break and some ice cream. The garden is from her rooftop balcony. The cars exemplify how they park in Paris.



After ice-cream then lunch we wandered over the Seine to Norte Dame. It was magnificent. We did have to leave our bottle of wine with the security guard, who joked he had already drank it when we came out. Don’t worry we got it back eventually!



While walking through the streets of Paris we stumbled upon this gem, the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. I had always seen it on lists of must see world wide bookstores but had completely forgotten about it when we were planning our day. It was so lucky to come upon it. The inside was absolutely perfect, unfortunate no pictures were aloud, so I guess you will have to come see it for yourself. The last picture is how most of mine end up…me figuring out how to pose.



The Luxembourg Gardens were next on the itinerary and that bottle of wine that we rangled from the Norte Dame security guard was opened and shared promptly. And yes, that is a palm tree in France. Neither Abby or I noticed the absurdity until Charlotte pointed it out.



Our last stop of the day perfectly coincided with the evening so it became a little cooler, perfect for the hike we did. Charlotte informed us that this cathedral, called Montmartre is the most visited spot in Paris behind only Norte Dame. To reach it you must climb a massive amount of stairs. Understandably, we prepped with ice-cream.


Before going inside Montmartre we decided to explore the area on top of the hill which is called Little Paris. Among the things we saw were a cute stray dog and the tiniest pickup truck ever.



Finally got inside the cathedral!


After touring the cathedral we took in the views from the top, ben able to see most of Paris.


Charlotte directed us to our train stop and we parted ways as she regrettable had to work in the morning. Abby and I headed back to our hotel completely worn out. After grabbing dinner we made the spontaneous decision to go see the Eiffel Tower at night. It was gorgeous all lit up and while the pictures don’t do it justice I can confirm that it sparkles.


I can’t wait to visit this beautiful city again! And perhaps stay a little longer the next time.

A Day in Paris



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  1. Gene L. Vande Kieft September 23, 2016 — 3:41 pm

    I loved your pictures of Paris. You 3 made a good looking trio! Any pinches from French men?
    It brought back memories of the time Grandpa and I spent in Paris on our River Seine cruise. Thank you for posting them. Grandma Gene

  2. You are even more beautiful now than when you were a little girl and I greatly enjoyed your blog and pics! It makes me want to go back to school just to spend a semester in Europe. Have fun and stay safe!

    God bless.

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