Beach Trip: Arcachon



Arcachon is a small town in the South of France. It’s a cute beach town right next to the Dune of Pilat, which is the largest dune in Europe. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it there during this trip but we do have plans to go back! It was only an hour by train, making Arcachon an affordable day trip from Bordeaux.




We walked through the town from the train station to the beach. It was interesting to see the contrasts in architecture between the more inland Bordeaux and Arcachon. The buildings seemed so much more colorful.


After a couple hours on the beach, tanning and exploring the shore we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at a restaurant right by the beach. I don’t mention swimming because the water was way too cold for my Floridian blood. I had some amazing mussels which are quite popular in France and were absolutely delicious. Those fries were pretty awesome too!

While trying to walk off lunch we came across some sand-sculptures. The pier offered a great view of both the shore and surrounding ocean. There was a ferry packing up and it even had bikes on the roof!


As we made our way back to the train station we couldn’t resist stopping for some ice-cream!

While waiting for the train we enjoyed the fresh air for a moment longer. For anyone traveling in the region I would suggest a day trip to Arcachon and to the Dune of Pilat. I know I plan to go back for sure!