Christmas Dinner with a French Family

As you’ve probably gleamed from the fact that most of my posts are travel related I really love to travel! Currently I am studying abroad for a year in France which has been an amazing and wallet draining experience!
Given this I was hesitant to utilize a large chunk of change, even if it was my moms to return home for the holidays. Instead I was going to fight through the loneliness and travel! Which is what I ended up doing. However instead of being alone on Christmas a friend of mine who I met this past fall semester invited me to have Christmas with her family in Avignon. I had a lovely time and while spending time with her and her family!
Christmas dinner was really amazing! My friend Salome’s family cooks everything with fresh ingredients and it was all so great! We started off with some tapas that Salome made and I like to think I helped a little bit!
Salome also whipped up a couple of cocktails that went great with the appetizers!

All this cumulated in a lovely spread!

This was just the beginning! Then we moved to the table for the main course of oysters, fresh salmon and of course bread!

What really struck me about this Christmas dinner was all the seafood. As an American I’m not used to seeing it at a Christmas dinner! I didn’t mind at all though since I absolutly adore seafood. I had only had oysters a couple times before this and it was awesome to try them in France! They were so fresh and yummy!


After eating all that seafood the best way to finish off dinner was with cake of course! Salome had prepared an amazing log cake with a raspberry filling!

It was almost too pretty to eat….almost. I had a great time spending Christmas here! This was just the first feast as well since there as more delicious food on Christmas day! Even though I did miss my family, still do, I truly appreciated Salome and her family including me!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! What are your Christmas Traditions?

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  1. This post makes me side-eye the supermarket chicken that I’m currently eating. It seems like you had a great time during the holidays! Can’t wait to see you when you’re back at NCF.

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