What to do when you are stranded in a City.

Travel doesn’t always work out the way you would hope. I think people that get their planes delayed on the regular would agree. But for those of us that have less experience traveling, realizing that your carefully laid plans (or those ones you threw together the day before) have gone to shit, mind my language, is quite worrisome.

I had this experience on my trip to San Sebastian. It was suppose to be just a day trip but then our ride back didn’t show. My group was utilizing a platform called Blah Blah Car which connects drivers with extra seats to travelers who want to travel on the cheap. Unfortunately our the car that was suppose to pick us up broke down and we were left with no way home that night but an overpriced train.

Now onto what to do….

Don’t Panic.

Panic a little.

Stop Panicing.

Look at the pretty ocean to stop panicking. 


Breathing not Sneezing


Assist your companions if they are panicking.

Not actually in need of assistance. 

Find the tourist office for where you are staying.

Tourist office was behind us. 

They will have these in every big city and in most of the smaller towns. The one in San Sebastian was right near the beach and very easy to access. We did have to run to it since it closed quite early but we made it on time and they were very helpful!

Find accommodation.

Not anywhere near where we actually stayed…

The tourist office assisted with this for my group but you can use your phone or perhaps a local will have a recommendation! We ended up at a hostel on the outskirts of the city booked through the tourist office.


Nothing good can happen on a empty stomach. It will also help you to think rationally through all your options if you don’t have to think through a rumbling belly. I had tapas in San Sebastian and was definitely able to think more clearly after scarfing them down with some cider.

Make a plan.

Plan=shop for underwear

Now that you are sufficiently fed its time to think through and make a decision. Talk with your group to gather ideas or the internet if you are traveling alone. Its not the end of the world if you have to stay one more night in a place.

Getting to our hostel required some maneuvering since it was on the outskirts of the city and the bus schedule kept changing. Didn’t help that half the walk was in the dark. What it did help was the ability to freak each other out at the merest noise; helped lighten the mood.

Also since we didn’t pack for over night we hit the pharmacy for some deodorant and toothpaste and H&M for clean underwear. Ya know, all the necessities.

Congrats, you survived!

Celebrating finding really good donuts. 

Now you have a great story to tell at the family gathering! Or to brag to that really successful cousin, no judgement here!


This is just a few things that helped me out when I was going through my travel troubles. and I hope it helps you too!



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  1. Your captions are hilarious! I’m sure it was frustrating at the time, but at least you can blog about it 😁

  2. Ha, love all the captions – they had me cracking up!

  3. It sucks you got stranded but at least you got to experience more of the city. I would have used the opportunity to explore as much as I could =)

  4. Good plan of action. I would have probably panicked!

  5. your blog and photos are beautiful! i am always terrified of getting lost or stranded in an unknown city. thank you for the tips!

  6. Love your captions! This is a story that I can somewhat relate to. My mom and I were in Milan a couple of years ago. Upon boarding a train going to Milan we luckily found out that our return trip would not happen because workers were going to be on strike. It was a good thing we found out in advance so that we could make other arrangements.

  7. I love your captions! I can somewhat relate to your story. Upon boarding a train to Milan I found out that the return trip would not be happening because workers would be on strike. Luckily I was able to arrange other transportation. But there was a slight moment of panic!

  8. Love your travel tips! I love visiting the visitor’s center when I’m stranded because then i can make plans for the day I’m there.

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