Brussels at Christmas Time

Brussels was the second Christmas market I had experienced after my home base one in Bordeaux. It was such a wonderful experience. While Bordeaux had all the original french charm Brussels held an international flair that didn’t disappoint.

My friend Anna brought my other friend Charlotte and I to central Brussels during the day then I returned the following night to be wowed by the night show in the Grand Place.

We had a lovely lunch at a locally recommended place; I had to of course order a beer. Also had the mussels and fries which was absolutly lovely! After calming our stomachs we debarked on roaming around the city a little bit.

Even during the day it was awesome to walk around and see the city! Night, however was when everything truly came alive.

Just as it was getting dark we stumbled upon this amazing exhibit and were able to become angels if only for a few moments. Then Anna insisted that we must go to this chocolate, Pierre Marcolini, shop which had been recommend to her by her roommate who  was actually a native. The shop was full of goodies and I picked up a few things a presents since personally I don’t like chocolate. (I know horrible isn’t it?)

Pulling ourselves away from the chocolate shop we strolled a bit more past some delectable store windows.


We headed back a little bit later but the next night Charlotte was heading back to Paris so on the way into the train station I headed towards the Christmas Market!

As I walked around I saw that in comparison to the Bordeaux Christmas Market the Brussels one had a lot more diversity in terms of food and other products from lots of cultures. I actually ended up getting chile from a Latin tent which was so amazing! I also had Jasmine tea from a Japanese tent.

I took my food to the Grand Place to watch the Light show! It was a true spectacle. The lights went along with the music and lit up the ancient buildings surrounding the square. Truly a unique experience.

I cannot wait to return to Brussels! I feel like there was so much more to see and It is such a quick (and cheap!) trip from Bordeaux I defiantly will try to come back in the future.