An Afternoon at Cité du Vin

The Cité du Vin is a wonderful modern museum dedicated to the culture of wine. It utilizes a wealth of interactive displays to educate visitors on the entire process of wine making and tasting.

I had been wanted to visit Cite du Vin since I came to Bordeaux back in September. A few things had kept me away including my time management and the usually 20 euro price tag for a ticket. Both obstacles dissipated surprisingly on Valentines Day. I had no school that day and no immediate deadlines, much like many other days on Erasmus. Unlike other days, Cité du Vin had partnered with a my school to provide tickets for students for only 9 euro’s, a steal!

The Journey

As neither my roommate nor I had a significant other to spend Valentines Day with, also come on 9 euros! We decided to treat ourselves to brunch then an afternoon at the museum.

The Cité du Vin is located all the way at the end of Tram B in Bordeaux, which honestly is only a 20 minute ride from the city center. Not to far at all to enjoy some wine!

A bemused Abby on the tram to Cité du Vin

Before heading inside we stopped to take some pictures in front of the captivating facade. Its meant to represent both the swirl of wine in a glass and the river it resides beside. Either way it makes for an alluring picture especially at sunset when the light reflects off all the glass panels.

Notice how the sunlight reflects off the building!
The sky was so pretty that day!


The Museum

After purchasing our tickets we made our way up to the main exhibit hall. An amazing multi-level display completely encapsulating the wine in an new and invigorating way.

The ticket included an audio guide that was activated by hovering it above sensors located all over the museum. Being the genius that I am I held the damm thing wrong for the first half an hour and almost went to complain that mine wasn’t working till a nice lady gently showed me what an idiot I was being.

If ya’ll are as prone to idiotic tendencies when operating simple technology let me tell you now…you hold it horizontal to the sensor. There now you know! And for all of you that are like “Well thats obvious!” ITS NOT TO SOME PEOPLE OK! Anyways, after this I had a much more interactive experience, as the museum was meant to be experienced.

Below you’ll find some of the experiences the museum offers. Let me tell you, there are so many more I didn’t picture! This was mostly because I wanted to run straight to the top floor for the wine tasting (priorities right?).

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The Tasting

My friend and roomie wanted to stay much longer in the museum area of the building but I convinced her after we had seen most of it that a nice glass of wine was calling our name. In order to venture to the rooftop we actually had to go back downstairs to the special elevator whose only purpose was ferrying people up to the good stuff (wine, incase that wasn’t obvious).

Lucky for us, we had come on a perfect sunny day. I would recommend to visit on a sunny day because then you have a perfect panoramic view of Bordeaux.

Not the prettiest side of Bordeaux, but there were no people cluttering the windows here. And look at the sky!!!

While walking around admiring the views we eyed up the bar and determined the bar tender that looked the most competent (they both looked competent, one just looked friendlier) we walked up and ordered some wines. Abby got a lighter red while I got a Bordeaux. Another lucky stroke for me, there was only a little left of the wine I picked, so I got to try two wines! I asked for something completely different than the first and got a interesting Croatian wine.

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As we throughly enjoyed sipping on our wines we began to walk around the floor, taking way to many pictures of course! Unless you’re lucky like me you usually only get to try one wine. Picking from around 25 different varieties you are given a sizable taste and get to go explore the view!

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In lieu of the cute couple I was stalking Abby and I also took some shadow pictures.

And to finish this montage LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. I am so proud of it. Sort of took around 50 to get this right but hey! I did and it looks perfect! What more can you want but a glass of wine and a sunny day! While inside because despite being sunny it was still quite chilly.


Before the sun dipped out of the sky we descended ourselves to the wine purchasing room. A great way to end our journey, surrounded by the finished products of all these amazing artists.


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It was a wonderful experience that I would totally recommend of anyone coming to visit Bordeaux! Check out their website for more information!



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  1. Just as long as you had a great time, that’s what counts

  2. This place is pretty much on my bucket list. I probably would have been in a hurry to get to the wine tasting also. 🙂

  3. Beauty & Colour March 7, 2017 — 12:32 am

    Love your pictures!

    Caitlin, Beauty & Colour

  4. I forward your post immediately to my husband who is obsessed with wine. And true enough, he went there before when he study at France. We discuss going to visit France again and his cousin who live there. This place will definitely our no.1 place to visit when we go France. Thank you for sharing. Love love your wine glass picture. It is PERFECT!!

  5. I keep reading about this museum and cannot wait to visit it someday! Looks like a fun, tasty, and educational way to spend the day! 🙂

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